Your vegetarian home in Hungary


Salons113 is a family business, a brain child of two well travelled vegetarians; Zsofi a tour guide and translator and James a TOEFL teacher.

Zsofi’s mum, Judit does all the administration and bookkeeping. When Zsofi inherited from her vegetarian father they spent a long time looking for the perfect place to realize their dream of creating a vegetarian business. They found the right flat; sunny and quiet in the best downtown neighborhood and with a superb layout. They got it renovated, furnished got a beautiful website made and waited excitedly for all the lovely vegetarians that they were going to meet from all over the world.

We’ve had a great time with our Salons113 guests. We only live a short ride away from the apartment with our daughters and our vegetarian lab, Oliver. (Here is a two page article in Hungarian on vegetarian dogs in the International Dog Magazine featuring our dog, he is 6 years old and the picture of heath!) So we are always at hand for any problems you might have.

We blog here about veggie life in Hungary; post revlive_photo16806664iews about the local vegetarian restaurants, events and festivals, write about Hungarian vegetarian cooking and raising veggie kids and dogs. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to say hello either in a comment or via facebook.

Open the Salons113 google map to see the location of the apartment and the sights, you can book the Salons113 apartment here and remember to book a guided tour for your holiday! If you have any questions get in touch with us via email or Facebook, we are always happy to meet and greet the travelling vegetarians!

See you soon in Vegetarian Hungary!