These are the questions we get asked most frequently. You are however very welcome to email us with any questions you might have regarding Budapest, Hungary or Budaveg. We normally answer emails within a few hours. If it is very urgent you can phone, text us, or call us free on skype.

How do we make a booking?
Just use our online booking form or email us your dates at Salons113@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you. You can also text or phone us at +36309348045, or skype us, our login is budaveg. We will send you a booking form and, once you have sent it back completed, you have made a booking.

Do we need a deposit?
No, just turn up, and pay for your stay on arrival.

Can I pay by credit card?
I’m afraid we can only take cash at the moment.

I am veggie but my friend isn’t, can we stay at budaveg?
Everybody is welcome to stay as long as they respect the veggie and the non-smoking rule in the flat.

How do I book a guided tour?
Just email us or get in touch via Facebook.  You are also welcome to book a tour even if you are not staying with us. Just email us at Salons113@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you.

What is the best way to take money to Budapest?
Credit and debit cards are widely accepted here, and there are ATMs everywhere. You can find out how much your bank charges for cash withdrawals and purchases before your visit. Forints are the currency here, Hungary doesn’t yet have the Euro. You can buy Forints in your home country before you leave, but you will probably have to order them and you will probably get a lot of low denomination bills. You should check the exchange rate first. It is also possible to bring cash in your local currency and exchange it here, the rates can be better than in many Western countries. Euros are only accepted in some restaurants and tourist shops and the rate they use is not always favourable. Forget traveller’s cheques, if you can find a bank which accepts them they will charge at least 25% for cashing them.

Where is the best to change money?
Generally small changing places have better rates than banks, but it is wise to ask how much money you get exactly before you change, sometimes the rates advertised apply only if you exchange a large sum.

Is Budapest safe at night?
Generally, yes. Budapest is one of the safest capitals in Europe. The rate of violent crime is low and it is safe to walk around in most areas at night. I would be careful around Keleti station, but most other areas are fine. Beware of pickpockets in crowded places, find-the-lady games and attractive girls inviting you for a drink on Váci utca, those drinks come at a special price. As in all large cities, if you use your common sense you’ll be fine here.

What about driving in Hungary?
Well, the Highway Code is more or less the same, the biggest difference is “the right hand rule” – if you are driving on a secondary road you have to give way to cars coming from the right. There is no triangle or stop sign, so remember that. When walking in the city remember that cars don’t always stop at the zebra crossing, take care crossing roads.

Will I need a socket converter?
All electrical sockets are the same on the continent. If you are from the UK, or even further away you will need a socket converter. There is a UK converter provided in the Budaveg apartment.

What about my mobile, will it work in Hungary?
Most likely, but it depends on your own mobile provider, make sure you check with them if you have roaming and which is their partner out of the three providers: T-com, Pannon and Vodafone. If you have no mobile we can lend you one with a pay-as-you-go card.

I am on a gluten free diet, will I survive?
Yes, you will. Lots of people are on gluten free diets here. There is a special shop 5 minutes from the Budaveg apartment specializing on gluten free products and most restaurants are prepared to cater for special diets.

Would you recommend the Budapest card?
No, people have been complaining that they had difficulties claiming the discounts. I think you are better off buying a travel card.

How much can we see in a few days?
A lot actually. You can see the main sights of Buda and Pest in two days and you will still have time to visit a swimming bath and try some veggie restaurants. You can easily spend 2 weeks here, Budapest is a big city of 2 million, there is a lot to see and you can easily make day trips to the country or abroad. Vienna is 3 hours by train, Bratislava 2.5 hours, and Prague 6 hours.

What about the nightlife?
Good! Lots of clubs, pubs and bars, and most bar staff do speak some English. There are many open air bars and famous “ruin bars”- bars and clubs in old neglected buildings and courtyards in the summer.

Is tap water ok to drink?
Yes, it is safe, but it contains chlorine, so you might not like the taste. There’s a big selection of mineral water in shops, both local and imported. The local rule is easy: pink caps still water, blue caps carbonated.

I heard you tip in restaurants, how much is the usual?
We tip all service; restaurants, taxi drivers, hair dressers, tour guides etc. The normal amount is 10% and we give it directly to the person. Let’s say you get a bill for 1800 Hufs so you round it up to 2000 and give 10% of that to the waiter. Some restaurants include tips on their bill, check first.